About Us

Mission Statement

Grownup started with the belief that the future of your passions, career and curiosity shouldn’t be in the hands of overpriced counselors and shady mystics. We’ll help you understand who you are, and then show you what you can start learning right now, all for free. So what do you say, let’s grow together?

Get to know yourself.

Learn about the unique characteristics that make up your personality.

Just for you, up to you.

Everyone has their own path, so we give you the tools to customize your growth.

Save your favorites.

Browse through our skills, favorite and learn them at a pace that works for you.

Who are we?

Grownup was founded by three friends who were always looking for something new to learn. One day, they realized that there wasn’t a simple way to learn skills based on your personality. A few months later, Grownup was born.