Behind the Scenes

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We are often asked – “How do we determine the unique personalities of users?” At the heart of Grownup there is a very well known, scientific method of determining the individual’s personality, which is conducted through a series of questions, known as the Holland Code. The Holland Code, also known as RIASEC (Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, Conventional), has been … Read More

To Grownup, or not to Grownup?

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What inspires us? Here at Grownup we all come from different backgrounds. Our founders are from different walks of life and have brought their unique perspectives to building Grownup. Grownup was started due to the lack of free and accessible life-coach resources for anyone interested in finding the right path for their future. These days, there is an abundance of … Read More

Hello world!

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What is Grownup? Grownup originated from a desire to help individuals by making personal development feel personal. Grownup offers its users an opportunity to learn based on their personality type rather than learning from the standardized core courses that are offered at institutions. Grownup is an online course curator dedicated to locating the best of online courses. The Grownup team … Read More